What did you get for Christmas?

So what did you get? Or what did you give? I see some very lucky wives of other posters here.

My mother remembered me looking at the cluster bracelets in Old Town Scottsdale and not buying anything.

I opened a package containing this bracelet, which is signed “Jude Perry, Navajo, Sterling Silver.”

The side pieces do look like his other work online, but not the central plaque. The stone colors vary a little more in person than in these pictures.


Very nice! Merry Christmas

Thanks! Merry Christmas to you, too.

I must admit to some worries, now that I’ve gone searching online. I see a lot of Jude Perry and Martha Perry work in block turquoise, but I do see at least one “JP” piece, a slave bracelet set, that is definitely real turquoise.

That has a pretty high shine for block turquoise. Heat a pin and touch it to one of the side stones, you will find out if it is block turquoise right away. Looks pretty good from the photos. I don’t put much faith in electo pencilled signatures and hallmarks.