What do I have?

I have a silver and turquoise bolo tie. I am assuming it’s from 60s to mid 70s. Here are some photos. Any help is appreciated. 20180811_210552

Nice piece. I would guess maybe a little newer. That rams head is a silver finding that the artist purchased and designed the silver around. I find the hallmark in both Wright’s and Hougart’s book, neither gives a name. Navajo silversmith, first used in 1979, active since 70s. Hope you are wearing it. Thought I would share an image of another one.

Thank you for the info. The reason I think it’s a few years earlier is the person who gave it to my dad was a wanderer so would show up form time to time. I graduated in '75 and he had not been around since a year or so before. The piece has been in a drawer for decades. I only saw my dad wear it once or twice. I would like to find a value so I could sell it to someone who would appreciate it. I hate it’s just stashed away.
Thanks again for your help!

It is nice, has real turquoise. The problem is finding the person who wants it. If this was made today I imagine it would sell in the $300s, but I don’t know if you are going to be able to get this amount.