What is this stone?

Another piece from my friend today. It’s not Native American and I’m trying to decide if it’s really turquoise. The bezel and bail are simple and not marked. It measures 2 1/2” and about 1 3/4” and is approximately 1/2” thick. The weight is a little more than 55 grams.
I interested in hearing what y’all think. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Can we see it in natural light? I can tell ya right now it’s not turquoise though!

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I’ll try with the natural daylight bulbs in the bathroom and if that doesn’t work I’ll take some tomorrow. It was dusk here when I started taking pictures.

@Bigbree43, I added some pictures last night. If these don’t help, I can take more this afternoon after work.

Those will work just fine! I’m sorry but I’ve just not seen another stone like it. I’m thinking the pendant is middle eastern though?

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I’m pretty sure that it is. They used to have a local store and carried a variety of things. Some Of the jewelry was from Nepal.

I have no idea, but it reminds me of some sort of marble or granite?

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What a gorgeous stone!

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Hello - I’m thinking this looks like “tree agate” or “tree jasper.” Just a thought.

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Thanks I’ll try researching that.

Maybe Dendritic jasper?

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Thanks. I looked at some Jaspers but haven’t had the time to find the right one. I definitely think that you two have me on the right track though.
I recently got a Native American set that I will post when I get a few minutes. Have a great day!

The stone is quite personable!! To me it looks possibly fossily… :slight_smile:

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this stone has been prowling & prodding my thoughts since you posted it. where have i scene it before? the pattern was familiar but as you will see had nothing to do with a stone.

had something to do with eyes, eyes of a serpent and a shape-shifting one to boot.

thulsa doom from conan the barbarian

i collected a few examples of serpentine in a mash up with your mystery pendant

source page for the serpentine/antigorite peru with some info on how formed/where found:



Thanks Steve,
I think you’re on the right track. I’ve now looked at a lot of pictures and it seems likely. You have probably also answered the question about what stone is in a small turtle pin that I got recently.
The people that I got the pendant from used to have a shop. They had multi-generational jewelry that ran the gamut from Native American, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, artisan and costume.
Thanks for your help!

rock has a cool look to it, now if i can just get the serpent flashback to go away LoL

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That comment has me sitting here laughing! I would like to say that I’m glad it got in your head because Conan the Barbarian is not on my watch list :flushed:. I watch some strange stuff but not Conan.
I have another Native American suite of jewelry that I got recently. I’m still trying to identify the stone. I have a picture of the rock that it was all cut from and I’m thinking it might be Jasper but I’d like to know more. Think I’ll do that now. Thanks again.

I am thinking different.
To me it looks like some of the Unakite with Red Jasper I have found in Central Wisconsin.
They are glacial deposits.
Many of my finds even have the black spots, which were attributed to either volcanic or meteor activity long ago.

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