What style cuff is this?

Hello! I still cannot find any information on the “DJ” hallmark
Jason provided me with a few names but it seems like none of the their styles are matching up.
It has been tested as sterling silver and weighs approx 75grams.
Does anyone know what this style of cuff is called? I
was thinking a weave pattern?
or who the artist could be? I’d like to figure out a value as I need to sell it. Thank You

This looks like a stamped hollow sterling bracelet fabricated from two separate pieces of silver formed, fitted, and soldered together. This could be Native American made, but isn’t any sort of typical Native American stye. Could be Bali or Taxco, or anything really.

Value is pretty much what someone is willing to pay for it. Lowest estimate would be whatever scrap value turns out to be. Its a pretty generic piece so figure scrap value X 2 at the low end of retail value, and some multiple of that if it actually has an interesting story to go with it.




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:::slapping my forehead::::

Yes! thank you Steve.
I’m not having much luck with this cuff…

Thank you, appreciate ur detailed response.

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