What type of stone?

Any ideas on the stones in this cuff? Turquoise but not sure what type.

This is a Clarence Bailon cuff, Santo Domingo Pueblo. What little I could find online said that he uses natural stones. They’re pretty smooth cabochons but I do see and feel some fissures and crevices.


Photo in outdoor light:

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I do not believe that is genuine turquoise, I believe it is dyed magnesite. These are some white magnesite beads, notice how they have the same webbing pattern


Oh no…I sure hope not! I did try scrubbing it pretty hard with acetone nail polish remover and nothing came off, but I would imagine some dyed stones can pass that test? Any other things I might try…is soaking overnight in acetone a better test? Short of breaking the stone open, is there a way to tell?

I am afraid BigBree is correct, it is something like this https://www.goldenagebeads.com/beads/gemstone/cabochon-gems/imitation-turquoise-cabochons-teal-8mm-round.html?language=en&currency=USD


another page from Jasons link above

Well, that’s certainly not the outcome I was hoping for. :cry: thanks for the input, folks! Hoping I can return it, then…it was advertised as turquoise by a longtime seller that was rated well. The silver is extremely heavy, though. The dangers of buying online and/or secondhand.

Glad to report that this bracelet has been redeemed. I took it to a gemologist. It is turquoise, is stabilized/treated, and she thought it was Chinese. I’m relieved!