Who carved this?

So I recently purchased a large group of necklaces because there were a number that really piqued my interest. So far I have been able to verify most of them as authentic after going through numerous tests (and stabbing myself in the finger with a hot pick!)
While the material in this one is genuine, I have my suspicions about the artist who carved it, but can find no direct link in any of my research. I’m wondering if anybody on here would like to hazard a guess or if Jason would be king enough to voice an opinion as to the artist and possible value.


I think of the material as being contemporary. I was trying to find something by Lena Boone that was similar, nothing that gave it away. Who are you thinking carved the piece?

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Well of course I had delusions it might have been one of the Leeyka family, but I’ve been told that this looks more Navajo than Zuni.
The reason I thought Leeyka was the style of carving. It’s so similar to a verified Deyuse necklace that I have it just brings the same feelings when you look and the flowing lines of carving.
Can you recommend any good books that deal with fetish carvings or any other source material that might help.
I will certainly research Lena’s work to see if I can come up with something concrete.
Thanks Jason, any other thoughts?

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Leekya Master Carver of Zuni Pueblo is a book that accompanied the museum exhibit here in New Mexico. It has some good information. A book coming down the pipeline is one by Harold Finklestien, his second fetish book. Boone family is relation to Leekya.

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So I have tried ordering that from the Albuquerque Museum. Will see how that goes.