Who made this and what is it made of?

I have searched all over Google and cannot find this hallmark anywhere. I know that it is old and that it is Native American but that is about it. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Im trying to learn who’s hallmark this is (looks like a double sun to me). I would like to know of ot is coin silver. And also the other beads/stones that are in it. Does anyone know if this bracelet has any special meaning? Are the stones placed in a specific order for a reason? If anybody has any information at all it would greatly be appreciated. My fiancé and I have recently gotten in to old Native jewelry and we just can’t stop. All of it is just so interesting and the pieces are gorgeous and are made with tremendous quality.


There are those on here who know a lot more than I do, but I will weigh in. I don’t necessarily think the double suns are a hallmark, prob a design element. Usually hallmarks are on the inside. The material on the outside appears to be heishi (the brown) and turquoise. I’m going to guess the heishi is some kind of shell. I don’t know if it’s coin silver, and don’t know how old. I doubt there is any specific meaning to the order of the shell and turquoise. Interesting cuff. I have a much wider cuff with heishi and turquoise. Be careful not to bang it on anything; the heishi can break.


I’m also going to guess it’s Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo, although the trustworthy gentleman I bought my from said mine was prob Navajo (but it’s much bigger and heavier than yours). So yours could also be Navajo.

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I agree. I have a wider one too. It is marked LC on the inside which I understand is Luciano Chavez. He is Kewa. And yes the inlayed heishi is fragile. One piece on mine has been missing since before I got it. They are cool cuffs.

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I bought mine with a few heshi pieces missing (the seller pointed it out - it was pawn), and keep meaning to send it to Perry Null to be repaired; just haven’t done it yet. I’m just so slow getting stuff like that done. Mine has no markings.

i have had two squashblossom’s worked on at (perry null’s, recommended by jason.
i have nothing but good things to say about perry null’s. the work was done by tony.

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