Who/What is "TRC" and what decade is this Squash Blossom necklace ?

Bought first piece of Navajo in 1989, and waited 31 yrs to find and afford this beauty at my local auction house. Hand written TRC carved on back of naja. Approx 31 inches total length. Paid total $613 for it, and rather heavy. Pretty excited. The center naja stone is missing a chunk at the top. A blossom stone on the left has been sheared flat. Most others have lost their polish and pitted, but do not appear to be stabilized ? Bottom photo closest to stone color.
Am trying to track provenance. Meanwhile, any and all observations about period, stones, quality, value for insurance purposes, etc would be most appreciated. I’ve been noticing that a large number of SB’s have this same flat double row base on their najas, which lead me to wonder if this might have been trading post piece ?
So happy to have found this site. Explored for hours and learned so much. You all rock !
Thanks, Susan

![1125200759a_HDR|281x500] (upload://mqMJag6En1jkm8DnbomiTzPS2wj.jpeg)

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The beads tell us most likely after the 1970s, would call it circa 1980s. You do see three letter hallmarks usually a husband and wife. With the C at the end maybe this references a company name since we have that other hallmark above.

Thank you Jason. Any and all thoughts are helpful and appreciated !