WMYInlay bracelet stamps & Marked. Please help me value & identify Thanks Maggie/saef/share101!

Sorry, I will be of no help to identify the maker`s hallmark. But I did a picture search and found this bracelet which sold for nearly $1300 on ebay:

Hope this helps

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That looks like WMT to me, not WMY.
The color combination is unusual – I’m particularly interested in that greenish-yellow inlay piece.
I’m wondering if it’s a collaborative piece because of all the marks on it.

You should change the topics header to “WMT” in order to increase your chance of having the hallmark identified. GOOD LUCK!!! It is a absolute beauty!

I know that both William and Tommy Singer had variations of their signatures but I am not positive about this particular one. Actually, it should be easier to find because of the symbols used with the initials. I will be looking for this while searching for the maker of mine at the same time.

By the way, that looks like a ‘T’ to me. Are you sure it’s a ‘Y’? Just checking.

Thank You. I did click to the eBay site and found photos. SO very similar pattern and use of inlay.
Thanks for your help!

I am guessing the green stone is; gaspeite? The colors ar a knockout. What do you think?

share101. The symbols beneath the hallmark are interesting. can’t make it out really

Thank you all. Im very hopeful that the symbols used with the initials will help us. Thanks for all your input.

I wish I could help you with the stone but I am no expert there especially. I will keep looking for you too, I just get so busy so hang in there. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this and I’m pretty sure it’s happened to the best of us where you just can’t seem to find what you are looking for and then like magic from nowhere, there it is!

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