Wondering about this bracelet

I found this online and thought it was an interesting piece. I liked the stones. It has no hallmark so any help to figure out what I have would be great

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Hi Winter,

This looks like a much older piece, you are probably looking at Fred Harvey era, likely 1950 or earlier. A lot of jewery at this time was not marked and often went unsigned, so it makes sense that your bracelet wouldnt have any markings. Even without a mark, it is looks like sterling silver.

The stones look like they could be Cerrillos turquoise. My second guess would be Carico Lake. This is a great piece here, I love the thunderbird appliqués (thunderbirds are highly collectible!)

Thanks. I thought they might be Cerillos turquoise so that’s why I bought it. I also like thunderbirds so it was a no brianer to buy it. It was also and interesting looking cuff.