Worth "fixing"? Real or not?

To fit a belt on this buckle I’m going to have to have a silversmith put a “thicker” belt loop on it. The current one is too tight to hold a belt then pass it back through it.
I’m no turquoise expert and purchased it on EBay simply because I liked it. On the back is ROBT. KELLY
I’ve done some research and I believe Robert Kelly was a Navajo artist? Now deceased? Also-is the stone, if real, “Spider-web” from possibly Bisbee area?
I’m just trying to find information and value of this buckle before I spend more money to make it usable. Will this bigger belt loop make it less valuable?
Thanks for any and all replies

This is a very nice buckle. I would recommend you just secure the snap(s) end of the belt to it and pass the tongue behind it without going through it. Otherwise replacing the loop requires removal of the stone. Only a professional should do this.

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You’re a genius! Just had one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments…
Do you know anything else about the maker, where stone came from etc.?
Thanks-That’s why I joined this forum!
I was wondering why the loop was so small. Is it an era thing? All “modern” cowboy type buckles are wider to permit the belt to go over itself-not under. Any idea on the age of my buckle? Just wondering

“Hallmarks of the Southwest” indicates Robert Kelly is a silversmith for Montana Mining Company and for Bernie Dominguez. His hallmark was first used in 1974.
Montana Mining Co. is (to the best of my knowledge) still in business. A check with them could be enlightening.