Zuni 3 bar needle/petit point necklace with hand-made chain

Hoping for a little help from my friends here on the forum. You guys are great!
I picked this wonderful necklace up from an older gentleman who couldn’t remember where he got it. Just wondering your thoughts on it. Since the turquoise is tear-shaped, is it called petit or needle point? No markings. Hand made chain.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Nice necklace, you have both petit and needlepoint stones on this necklace. Majority being the needlepoint.

Thank you for the response. A couple more questions…
I am assuming it is Zuni? Age? Any guess on the turquoise? Is there a name for the three bar necklace style? Value? Any other tidbits you have to offer would be appreciated.

Age is difficult, especially since we don’t have an artist name. These style necklaces are still being made today the way they were 40 - 50 years ago. The image is dark but imagine the stone is something like Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. I don’t have an exact match, but something similar $90 - $120.