Zuni style ring...Who is D&A O or Q?

Hello Turquoise Peeps!
I’m hoping someone out there might be able to share some insight on a piece that’s been starting to grow on me. It appears to be inlay, it’s quite heavy and it is inscribed “D&A O or Q.”

Is it Zuni? What decade might it be from? And who might D&A O/Q be?

Thanks in advance to all you super sluths! Sandy

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source: http://www.art-amerindien.com/hallmarks/d-indian-native-american-jewelry-marks.htm

Wow! I think you nailed it @Steve
Thank you so much!!!

the “look” matches but the quality of the craftsmanship and the scratched in signature as opposed to the 2 stamped examples shown is worth researching this one a bit more.

This is the double hummingbird. Dickie would do the silver and Amy would do the stones. Dickie learned from his mom Ellen Quandelacy. I just picked up this unmarked one. Probably Ellen’s work. This design is also copied alot and some newer ones use machine made blanks. Yours is legit.


Thank you for your insight. I really appreciate it. It’s so much fun to learn about about all these pieces. If only they could talk!