14k & Turquoise pendant

Is there something special about this turquoise that I’m not seeing? Why is it set in 14k? It just looks like regular turquoise to me. There’s some fine spiderwebbing that you might have to zoom in to see. The stone is unstablized & not backed.

No hallmarks, tests for 14k.

Love the color and the powdery-looking tan shading in the lower half – reminds me of the current craze for ombre shading. No idea why it’s been enshrined in 14K.

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Thanks! I just figured that it had to be a special stone in order to set it in 14k… I’ll take some better pictures tomorrow, I just got so excited when I bought it I couldn’t wait to upload it here

I am going towards asia…China maybe Hong Kong. Gold and Turquoise they love. Even though there is a small chance this is John Hartman(really slight chance it could be very early work before he found his groove). More likely Asia

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I thought it might be Asian as well, because it’s so mysterious. but china seems pretty good about at least hallmarking their stuff either .925 or 14k. Do you think the stone itself looks Chinese?

Hi Bree, Turquoise types are not my forte, but it does have that look of asian to me. I have seen alot of nice gold and turquoise from Asia that were unmarked, especially in the shadowy market stalls. All very legit gold and stones. Not sure what the deal is or why they aren’t marking.

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