1776 - 1976 Cuff

I have recently bought an old silver cuff (from Super Pawn Flagstaff) which has a Turquoise and ?Coral inlay design of the date’1776’ on one end and ‘1976’ on the other, and an unusual inlaid design across it. It is hallmarked ‘HC’. Have attached a picture (side view of 1776 date). I would love to know more about.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/e269c8f93d808ac5b94475e1c3f1e4d973a64af8.jpg">

Hello, that is our bicentennial date. The cuff is Navajo made and the style is referred to as chip inlay, made popular during the 1970s by Thomas Singer. HC could be anyone, this is the jewelry boom when everyone was making jewelry. Thanks for sharing.