1800's Watch + Fob

This was my G-G Aunts watch and G-G Uncle’s fob.
He gave her the watch in the 1880’s. He was killed in a sawmill accident a couple of years later.
I have been wearing the fob as a necklace since I was a teenager.
The watch still works perfect.

A couple years ago I had the watch appraised. Was told it was not worth more than $100.00. Partially due to being engraved with my Aunt’s initials. Partially because it was a “common” watch.
The gold chain is worth more than the watch.

To me it is priceless. I remember my Grandma having this watch on her bedside table all the time.


It looks like a nice watch. Who did the appraisal? Are there marks telling what the case is made of? Is it gold or gold filled?

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Your watch was produced in 1886-1887. The movement is a Model 1873, size 6s, 7Jewel, lever set movement. Dealers will say that engraved initials subtract from the value but in my opinion they use it to offer less $ since they go on to explain the lovely engraved initials when reselling. I think initials can be very attractive and reminiscent of the old days when things were done by hand. The case, chain, and FOB are likely gold filled. All karat gold would have been appropriately marked.


Appraisal done by a local appraiser who does not purchase items.

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Thanks for the info. I was told it was a 3 jewel movement.

I am going to use a loop to check for any marks on the chains/clasp.

I just got the appraisal for insurance purposes.


There are those that just feel that way about engraved initials on silver also. In the case of a family piece I think its extra special.


It’s a gorgeous watch! The family connection makes your watch a real treasure.

I have a collection of pocket watches myself, and I find them to be fascinating.


It’s wonderful, and I love items with family history. Thanks for sharing!