1950’s (?) Squash blossom necklace…opinions please

I have several squash blossom necklaces, all different. This is a recent purchase which I love. It is heavy (240g), with large beautiful beads that I’m thinking are hand made. There are subtle hammer marks visible. The blossoms are 4 pedal and thick silver (I haven’t tested it yet; could be coin). Questions: are these hand made beads? And the attachment of the blossoms is different than I’ve seen, but this piece lays beautifully when wearing. Has anyone seen style before? I’m thinking 950’s…thoughts? Thanks


Beautiful squash blossom! Why don’t you put it in a better category like appraising or identify and discovery.

My first topic…just picked one. Thanks for your thoughts! I’ll see if I can repost under a different heading…

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This is nice, definitely has some age. Could be the 50s, looks like some Number Eight Turquoise in the naja.

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Thanks Jason, I thought the the 2 cabs on the Baja has a No 8ish look, but the greenish upper stone threw me. Guess they do not have to use stones from the same mine. Regardless, beautiful stones and appears natural.

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