1970's-80's Turquoise value

OK,I know there are many considerations when determining a value for Turquoise rough, slabs and cabochons.
I have seen some trying to sell high quality Sleeping Beauty slabs and nuggets for $200.00/lb or more.
Is Sleeping Beauty really worth this?
I am negotiating to obtain a lb. of early 1980’s Kingman and Sleeping Beauty small slabs. The seller said it was from the estate of a Navajo Craftsman .who passed away in the early 1990’s.
To me,the photos he provided look like 1970’s or 80’s material. wouldappreciateany input. Sorry for’ typos. Mycomputerisactingup 1a


This isn’t my realm of expertise here, but if the image you are showing us is similar quality of what you are trying to buy, I do not believe that it’s worth $200.

What I am looking at getting is not $200.00/lb.
Have seen some that is and was wondering if anyone was familiar with current prices.