1980's Coral Necklace

I made this necklace in the 1980’s.
The coral was purchased from Thunderbird Supply in Gallup, NM. It was sold as natural red coral, drilled and slightly polished.

I am considering taking the necklace apart and re-purposing the coral.

Red coral is becoming tough to find. It is hard to determine if online sellers have real red coral or dyed red coral.

Similar real red coral I have found is selling for about $45.00 per ounce. Drilled and slightly polished for up to $60.00/ounce.
The longer the pieces, the higher the price.

I no longer wear this necklace.
Looking for opinions. Would it be better to re-purpose the coral for several other necklaces/jewelry pieces?

I have been trying to sell this necklace for $25.00 for about 5 years. That was before I knew the current prices for red coral.

I like how the original integrity of the coral remains on some of these pieces.

What do you think?


That’s tough, I have done this with a few necklaces but only regret taking apart one. It’s a pretty necklace but if your sure you will not wear it again, maybe you should repurpose it.


I agree with you; I like seeing the natural markings and shapes of the coral. But I’m wondering if people are worried about it breaking when they wear it, and maybe that’s why no one has snapped it up? Some of those long pieces would make some pretty awesome earrings.


I have wanted one of these coral graduated-branch necklaces for so long because they are so beautiful, but i know i would never wear it because it looks too fragile to wear. i hate to see you repurpose the coral, just because they are so amazing to look at as is, but it’s a shame not to have it be worn. I’m no help.


I would buy it! It would look cool layered with a shorter turquoise piece. I love the color of coral.

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If it were me, and i do makes jewelry like this, i would take it apart. Leave the coral like it is and do Turquoise instead of seed beads which i assume thats what it is since there were only partial pics. I have quite a bit of vintage coral that i cant part with. I have some beautiful very long branch coral that i will be making something similar like i suggested. Coral is tuff, it doesn’t break easy. I have like 3 huge beads i dont know what to do with them, they will speek to me someday, Lol

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Thanks for the input everyone.
The rest of the necklace is made from Cocoa shell tube beads.
I have some vintage, sleeping beauty tube beads I might use with this coral.

I have another one that I wear.


Omg is that the whole thing? Dont do anything to it girl! If its to long shorten it but its absolutely stunning! I want to show you 2 that i have been working on and you have to be honest ok

The last 2 photos are of one I plan on keeping as is.

The first one is much shorter.

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You have 2? Are you selling one?

They both have Tibetan brass and coral pendents,
and exspensive but really cool Naga Conch beads with inlay of Turquoise and Coral. The one with the big Turquoise just has glass bead spacers the smaller one has round Turquoise. Let me know what you think.

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