2 Pendant turquoise and artist ID

I have 2 turquoise pendants, please can you help me identify the turquoise stones and the signatures?

The feathered pendant is large and heavy, it looks like an older piece. The big turquoise stone has a beautiful blue color with a brown matrix, I think it is Kingman turquoise. It has several surface cracks.
I can’t find a hallmark on it, but it looks like some letters are scratched into it.

The other pendant is also heavy and large with 2 turquoise stones. the stones are medium blue with a brown matrix.
The pendant is handwritten on the back: w Bisbee and probably the artist’s hallmark, but I can’t read it. Can somebody help me?
Based on the look of the turquoise and the hallmark, I think these are Bisbee turquoise.

Thank you for any information or idea, I would greatly appreciate all of your answers.


Don’t have anything on the signatures, but both feel Bisbee to me. Nice pieces.


Thank you very much Jason, I am very happy for the answer!
Yes both are beautiful! I bought them years ago, both at good prices, especially if they are Bisbee. About $60-70 a piece.

in photoshop I’m seeing 31 CT when rotated left & Bisbee Blue as shown.


Thank you very much for your answer!
Also I read now Bisbee Blue, thanks for your help!
I see, it is not an artist’s hallmark.