21 Piece Red Coral Cuff - Marcelina Valencia?

Thanks in advance for any info!

This Cuff is signed/engraved Marcelina Valencia (as best as I can see).
I can’t seem to find out much, except about some Hotel in Spain!

Has anyone ever heard of her as a silversmith? I’m thinking she might have been a previous owner, who signed her name on it!?

I’m also wondering about it’s age & value?

Again, Thank You for any info!


There is a contemporary Navajo jewelry artist named Lucy Valencia Jake.

That was most of my false positives – but this wasn’t a hard search after all.

I tried for “Marceline,” the male form of this name.

If the first name is Marceline Valencia, with an “e” on the end of the first name, not an “a,” here is an entry for this person on Ancestry.com.

He was a Native American man born in New Mexico about 1936. He was four years old at the time the 1940 census was taken and was living in Sandoval, which isn’t far from several reservations.


Since this is an uncommon name, I would imagine if this isn’t your artist, then he is a relative of your artist.


Thanks for the info!!
If you can’t find it, I probably won’t either…
Got any idea what it might be worth?

No, but I’m remembering something about the same age that also had widely-spaced coral cabochons – I saw it on eBay. I no longer remember how it was priced. If I rediscover it, I’ll pass along.

To me there’s about five prices: 1) Grab it NOW before someone else gets it; 2) Think about it; 3) Watch list/bookmark/cart, but won’t buy for months, if ever; 4) Unaffordable, but I’ll look to learn from it; 5) The thought of it frightens me.


This bracelet is gorgeous!

: )

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She is a San Felipe artist and her pieces are pretty rare.

Thanks for the info!
I’ve been away from this site for a couple years & your response hit my email, so I logged in!
Probably take me days to catch up, but this was a great site, I hope it still is!?
Do you know anything about her? Is she alive? Young or old, active, etc.?
Again, Thanks for the info!

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