2nd chance…. Kinda

I really liked the look of this necklace. I could have sworn I saw this for sale a while ago and that it had sold but it popped up again, so I decided to purchase it. I like a necklace/ pendant with some weight and size to it and this fit the bill for me. Just wanted to share :smiley:


I love naja pendants. Congrats! I have a few…always interested in seeing them.


Love it! I’ve never bought a squash blossom necklace, partly because of the price, but also because I wouldn’t wear it; they’re just too much for me. But I love the idea of just the naja on a chain!

And isn’t it great when you get a second chance at something? I have two cuffs I posted on here awhile ago that I bought at Ogg’s Hogan in Prescott, AZ the second time around. One in particular I wanted to buy so badly, but really didn’t have the money. I went back three years later and it was still there. So of course I bought it.


Thanks so much :smiley: They have definitely grown on me. Im looking for a smaller all silver one to layer maybe with a leather necklace.

Thanks Ziacat :grin: I hear you on the squash. I didn’t pay for mine all at once. They are really heavy too, which would keep me from wearing one daily. Although I’m sure there are lighter weight ones. The one I purchased is really heavy and I usually use one of the queen’s jubilee Troy pendants as a counterweight but I worry about it scratching the turquoise.

When I saw it for sale again, I was sure it was meant for me. Congrats on getting the cuffs you wanted as well :smiley: