3 Rings Turquoise, 3 makers. Value & Tribe if Possible ? Thanks

At least the “Art Acoya” ring was sized. It originally had athe same hallmark a bolo I posted has.AA with the 2nd A offset. Oddly, it was hallmarked on the band. I mention this as the 2 A’s were closer & looked like the AA ( Only online find for me has been Art Acoya, could be anyone ), found as Arts Hallmark. 2nd is I think a hummingbird style, D & A. De Quincy if I remember right, a couple who made rings?.
3rd I was told is Anglo made. Lot of silver, I am geussing Morenci Turquoise, stabalized? Has a bent , broken, but with no gap between bend in arrow. It is large, staped inside,etc

. All are size 12.
Would love to know value. I don’t think it’s much, but these 3 items deserve a new home. If I can find the right person of course.

Here are the photos that did not load, sorry all.

I really like the last one… very nice workmanship and color/matrix interesting too.

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Thanks! Silver work is nice on it. The band is in the last top pic. It is for sure the most appealing of all 3 in my mind.

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Amy Quandelacy is the artist on the ring, I have a watchband by her.

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Hummingbird pattern I have heard it called, but not sure if she gave it that term,etc? It is an enormous ring, size 13. Thanks.