3 silver turquoise rings - no clue ... one w/a bear claw

I just bought these at an estate sale - so I have no info to go off of. I am fairly new at buying turquoise - but I have had luck in the past. Does anyone know anything about these 3 rings - or any of the 3? The bear claw ring is heavy and large - size 10 I think and has some etching inscribed on the inside of ring. The stone in the other on is super soft looking so I don’t know if it is real or fake? The last one says sterling on the inside. Is it right to assume most legit turquoise is sterling silver .925? Any info would be appreciated!!! Thanks!


Sorry I can’t help, but they look beautiful. Hope someone knows.

The top one with the claw looks to be Turquoise that has changed colour because of age. This happens a lot with rings because of the chemicals we stick our hands in. Without stabilization the Turquoise will take on a green hue and sometimes is damaged by the chemicals. I suspect someone has used silver polish on it from the looks of the finish. The pic of the back of the ring looks like a pawn or traders code etched into it. Unusual construction and shank, not a shop piece.

The second one may be Malachite and possible not even Native made. Hard to tell. Again it looks like the finish has been damaged.

Last pic is a typical shop made ring with a nice stone that has not been discoloured in any way. It is a typical shop made production piece that could have been made by anyone anywhere.

Hope this helps.

So the etching on the back of the bear claw ring, does that show the year it was made? It looks like it says “ED out 77” - that is the makers mark and year made, right? And bear claws are resin unless they are extremely old, correct? Due to animal cruelty/preservation laws or something, right? Thanks so much - any help would be appreciated!

Yes that is what it looks like, but usually if it is signed by the artist in script it is a bit better and clearer than that. I suspect it is a trader or pawn code or possibly something put there by the previous owner. Often the bear claw is really a badger claw or bird claw, but you can still buy sets of bear claws from legally hunted animals. Yours looks to be a bird talon due to the size. The more I look at it I’m sure somebody has taken Brasso to it, if you value it take it to a jeweler and have it polished including the stone. It should bring it back up, after all you have nothing to lose.