36” silver bead necklace

These stamped beads were given to me. They are approximately 9cm and are strung on a wire. There is a silver tag strung between the cone and the beads on one end of the necklace. One side is stamped LB and the other side has a cross.
The person that gave me the beads knew nothing about them and I have has no luck looking up the info on the tag. Does anyone know anything? Are they Native American or knock-offs? Any value other than decorative?
Thanks for helping.

These sure look real to me. Looks like they’re strung on foxtail and they’ve “settled” a little. I wish I knew this “LB” as I see a lot of them in Hougart’s. I feel like this must be a known artist making bench beads, though.

Wearing a pair of graduated beads myself with the same traditional pattern.


I could find anything on the hallmark. However, we knew a Susie Benally who was a bead maker. She also hallmarked her beads, which is a little more unusual than other jewelry. Maybe doing a little research here will find you a family member that was a bead maker.

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I will start with her and see what I can dig up. Thanks so much for a starting point.
The night I posted this I also posted a ring that I’m pretty sure is Bisbee. Would love to have your opinion. Thanks a bunch.