90 Piece Necklace - Turquoise &/or Howlite, Chalk?

Thanks for any info!

There seems to be several types of Turquoise in this, but at 3-1/8" on the scale of the 1st pic, there is a white drilled hole in the stone. It looks like it was a dangler from another necklace? Is it real or is it Howlite or some other reconstituted, chalk, etc.?

Can anyone identify any of the Turquoise on this necklace?

The other side of it:

Thanks for any help!

You have an interesting piece. It all looks like turquoise, but you are right in believing it to be several different types. Just from the colors and the shapes we have a variety here. I would call those nuggets Kingman. Everything else is a little more difficult to identify. In the second picture top strand at about 10 1/2" looks really nice. Thanks for sharing.

I have had pieces like this over the years. If you are not worried about a few scratches on some of the stones here is what I do when in doubt. With a small sharp tipped knife scratch a mark in stone. If white shows, howlite. Treated turquoise will scratch a bit, but will not be white. Some may not want to etch into stone, personal preference. Love the varied colors.