A broken arrow mark to identify

I would love to identify the maker and tribe of this artist. The barrette is quite heavy and 4"x 2.75".
Makers mark is pictured a broken arrow with T and C on the shaft.
The stone is a lovely deep sky blue color.

Hello, thank you for sharing. I could not find a matching hallmark in any of the resources I use, sorry. Then I went to look up artists with the initials TC. I came across an artist by the name of Toni Curtis who uses a T with a turned C next to it, but no arrow. Artist will change hallmarks throughout their career, making it something to research more, like can we find something similar to this attributed to Toni Curtis. However, my first thought is that this might be a shop mark. Hair barrettes are like piece work. Hallmarks are expensive, and most of the time when you have an artist who makes pieces that sell for less you see a letter stamp associated with them, less expensive. Makes me think this is a shop mark. Good luck with your search and hope this information gives you somewhere to start.