A Crazy Looking Stamped Silver PillBox

This is another pillbox I would like more info for and value of.


That could be the work of Charlie Singer, although he was more noted for his chip inlay like his brother Tommy. He used a variety of arrow heads to mark his work and this could be one of them. The piece has that “Harvey look” to it and the bottom of the box looks folded, like it was hand hammered. Tough piece to identify for sure.
Beautifully stamped, did you find the two Owl heads?

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Yes I see the owls and maybe the crazy smile repeated as well. Harvey look in reference to those car tourist attractions?


This is a very cool pill box. I am not sure who the hallmark belongs to, but I would guess the box from the 1950s. If we had something like this I imagine it would be $250+. Thanks for sharing.

That’s a great box. First time seeing one like it. Bit of envy seeing it. Nice👍