A&E an H.S.B. silver & turquoise cuff

Hi, Thanks to this site I’ve identified the hallmark on a cuff I bought around 25 years ago and no longer wear. I’m considering selling it and am wondering about its value. I have more pictures if needed. Thanks in advance. cuff 6|477x500

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Yes it would be nice to see the cuff and have some measurements. All that I’m seeing is the hallmark. Thanks :blush:

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I guess my new membership only allowed one of the two pics I attempted to post to appear.
I’ll try again…


Who knows. I’ve been fighting my iPad for several days. That is a great looking cuff. What size is it? And what are you asking for it? :blush:

I put a five stone coral by him on here in April 2019 and Jason said $350-400. The maker is Harold Begay.

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Howard S. Begay…not Harold. :wink:
I’m trying to get an idea of its value here.
I’ve seen a very similar one by a contemporary artist offered for $600 (not here).
I’m open to opinions.
I’ll post measurements when I can.

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You are correct. I typed the wrong thing. It’s a beautiful bracelet.

I don’t have a membership to Worthpoint, but if someone did you could see how it sold previously on eBay, or one just like it. That said, the market’s always moving around, so just a data point. My instinct is that @islandmomma’s estimation is right.

Thanks for that info!