A face that launched a thousand ships

That reference to Helen of Troy (as I recall) reminds me of what started my Turquoise fascination. This photo, posted by a member at the Purse Forum, took my breath away…and I was entranced.

I was and still am on a mission to find a bracelet just like this…so far, no luck. However the journey (only since February) has been a revelation. My love of jewelry has always been the traditional faceted gems…color, clarity, quality…hence much of the creativity was in the settings. Turquoise, though, not overly manipulated with its variations, celebrated opens an entirely new dimension for me. I am enchanted!

This forum has been eye opening and educational. Thrilled to join!


welcome to the forum and I hope you find that amazing bracelet.

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The bracelet is a display of beauty. Welcome to the forum, Sara

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Welcome! I hope you find your beauties! If I see something like it at the auctions I attend I will let you know.

Ah, the search for just the right cuff bracelet, I know it well…Welcome and good luck on your quest!

Gorgeous cuff - good luck with your hunt - there’s a Native American/Turquoise Jewellery antique hunter (think you call them ‘pickers’ in the US) based in San Diego - she has a Facebook page/shop and has a large collection for sale - and a lot of it is very old - she’s called ‘your great finds’ (link below) - I’ve asked her a few questions before and she’s very helpful so might be able to keep an eye out for you on her trails

Michelle x

Thank you everyone for your welcome words! I am delighted to look at all your pieces and am learning so much!

That is a beautiful bracelet and I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like it before. Good luck with your search!

“and a pure silver squash blossom cuff which my grandmother made.”

I have uncovered another piece of information which you may or may not be aware of in your quest so let me direct your attention to this post found on another forum.


post number 14 made on April 25 2017


Thanks! Yes I’m sure it’s the same person posting that lovely piece. Made by her grandmother…well that’s super special. Looks like it’s a one of a kind piece. Thank you for linking that site. Very interesting. I’ll explore further. What a tight knit community we turquoise-obsessed are!

I read the post as saying her Grandmother made the all silver bracelet not the Zuni snowflake bracelet.

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The keywords I used for the image search were “turquoise squash blossom cuff” and when it actually showed up in the results and was a different shot from the purse forum picture well…it all went downhill from there LoL.

In my rush to add this exciting new info, reading comprehension went south and I fixated on the cuff and somehow Grandma got involved, what a mess.

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I’d be interested to hear what the experts here would venture to guess as the age for the Zuni snowflake cuff