A name,not just intials

Cortez…all capitals…on a 26g bracelet,inlaid w/turq,coral & onyx. Who’s got their book handy?

That might be a tough one, looked in a couple of the popular hallmark books and nothing. Do you mind providing a pic, work and hallmark?

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shee-ooot,thought this’d be so easy…sigh
I can make my device take a pic but not force it to post here. Apparently,it needs to enable java script & I don’t have the correct magic wand. Bet some kid would snort in derision.


magic wand assist. the CORTEZ mark below

the mark following behind the Z may or may not be a copyright stamp

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cortez colorado 81321 has 2 interesting trading post type stores


and i found a few more cortez stamps to further the mystery.

nothing seems to be marked sterling?

almost forgot the 14K ring stamped I.W. CORTEZ LoL