A Native American made silver pillbox PHOTOS


That’s pretty!! :grin: I just thought I would let you know that I liked it!!

I looked through the Wright and Hougart books on hallmarks and didn’t find this mark. The 925 makes me think it “might” be Mexican, That and the markings are rather neutral when it comes to saying they are native. I can’t say one way or the other for sure.
Sorry maybe somebody else will recognize it.


I wouldn’t let that 925 bother you. This looks like a nice little Navajo made pill box. It appears to have some age, but I don’t think of it as old as the one with the figure. The mark is lined up with the 925 making you think it is the artist hallmark, but I am not to sure. Thanks for sharing.

??? Its not a hallmark?

maybe not, I am not sure. It is lined up with the 925 like a hallmark, but what is it? It doesn’t make any initials or some type of symbol, more like a design stamp. I have seen a silversmith use pieces of scrap that have some designs on them when needed a piece of silver to finish a project.