A quick reminder

A quick reminder to all of our friends here to ask for additional photos of items you you’re considering to buy online. Ask for photos in natural, outdoor light and from different angles. I bought this ring online, and I was disappointed about how the matrix turned from a nice, bisbee- like, chocolate color to a dry brown. The seller’s photo is on the left, mine is on the right:

The fault is on me though, because I should have asked for more photos. But this next instance happened to my friend when purchasing a cabochon online. Although, this photo appears to have been intentionally edited to enhance the color. On the left is what was being sold, on the right is when he got the product:

Just a PSA for you all, Always ask for more photos!


I don’t know if asking for more photos is the answer?
Someone who is that deceptive with the original post, is probably going to send more enhanced pics with that color.
I would ask if the pic has been altered/adjusted in any way, what source of light was used, etc… just changing brightness level with photo editing software can change things a lot!
This pic was too dark, so I adjusted ‘brightness’ a little, then a little more & then a whole lot more:

The color changes each time, just a little, but enough to make it look different than it actually is, in real life.

These next 2 are taken in bright sunlight:

Capturing the “actual” color can be difficult… This next pic (an accidental photo) was the only one that looked like what I saw it as, in real life.

I always try to use the pics that look like it actually looks & say something about it, as well. Sometimes enhancements are needed to read markings or see flaws. I say exactly what I did to show what I wanted to show.
I find telling the truth goes a long way for establishing honesty & hopefully integrity!?
The last thing I want is somebody complaining, accusing me or just dissatisfied with their purchase! Ya know?

If the person selling doesn’t have that attitude… Alert!

Anyway… This Squash was going to be part of my post in ‘Mistakes, I’ve Made a Few:…’, but that’s another story!