A ring and bracelet marks Begay and LTB

I purchased this vintage set off Etsy and was wondering if the ring was fake because it just says Begay and the cuff reads initials LTB. Wondering if anyone can identify these makers

Beautiful jewelry. The work looks to be a match. I imagine the hallmark BEGAY is the same person as the LTB. I couldn’t find the hallmark to give you a name. Begay is a very common name. The pieces look new. I would ask the seller where they purchased the pieces, might be able to work backwards. Goodluck

I was looking up Begay before because I knew it was a common name. The initials LTB is from the Begay family as wellThe bracelet is definitely more worn and has a tarnish and signs of wear to it so I know it’s been loved and worn. The ring looks a little too new to be a vintage piece. I’ll see if I can get more info from the seller. Thanks for your response and help :slight_smile: