A set that I created from 4 individual pieces found over the years

The pendant was purchased locally from a store that is no longer in business. It is a fairly new piece marked Secatero and was advertised as Pilot Mountain. The pendant without the bale is 2 3/4” by 1 3/4”. The necklace was purchased separately and is 20”. The bracelet is large. The center stone is 2” by 1 1/4” and the three turquoises in the settings measure 4” across the front. The ring was the final addition. The stone is 1” by 1/2” and the entire setting is 1 1/2” by 1/2”. It is marked MT., sterling and there is a pictograph. Would love turquoise id, an id on the ring and a value of each if possible. I don’t think the turquoise is all from the same mine but it coordinates nicely.
Thanks for your help.


Those stones … those stones … those stones. What else can I say?


Lol… I was thinking the same thing! Those Stones!?

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Thanks. Wonder who can Identify them?

Thinking that MT is Michael Thompson…


Google his name, he’s a fairly new artist.

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If he’s a new artist, you should see if he’s on Facebook and ask him if he made it. That’s worked for a number of people. He will appreciate hearing how much you love his work.

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Thanks Pete,
I think you got that one right. I checked several sites and galluptrading.com had a picture and a write up. According to them he started in 1988 and his work commands pretty decent prices. For some reason I never really researched that ring. Probably because I liked it so much.
Thanks for your nice comment and your help!