A Storyteller Cuff by Tom and Sue Kee

I just got this narrow overlay type of storyteller cuff made by Tom and Sue Kee. It weighs 42g. and it’s a half inch wide. It’s very comfortable, I’ve been wearing it for a few days now and I have proclaimed it a perfect fit. There’s 5-3/4" of silver and 1-3/8" of gap which makes a 7-1/8" circumference. Seems to be a dance around a campfire with a wolf on the other side of the hogan. Any ideas about this?


Such a Beauty @AC, Whew, heavy too… She is small but mighty!!
I have been looking near and far for a storyteller cuff, either plain silver, Silver & 12K GF. Prefer NA definitely * Becenti, Kee, Hunter…
but still looking at Taxco etc, NOTHING fits my 6" wrist… :frowning: Nice find :+1:Friend!

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Thank you, it and the Yucca ring have become my daily attire.


Have you folks seen this? It was brought to my attention today. Seems to be from 2013.