A THOM sterling multi stone inlay cuff

Do yu all have any idea who this hallmark belongs? I have a nice wide multi-stone inlay various stones with this hallmark on the bank. Set in sterling. Searched and searched to no avail.
Thank you!!!
A Thom cuff|281x499

Not familiar with this mark, do you want to add an image of the piece?

I hope you can see the hallmark ok in these pictures - I know not the greatest picture - but about as upclose as I can get. Thank you again for any help identifyling the silversmith.



Can’t find anything. Lots of times with cuffs this style it is a cast piece that is inlaid by the artist, a shop piece. The hallmark is cast with the piece and that is why it is not clear. It is not a common name, but I do know of another Navajo person with the same spelling, Thom.

Thank you for your information and time…