A. Vanderver Concho Belt

I know the artist and the history of his stamps. Just wondering on the value of this. I think I got a good deal, but will sleep better with some confirmation! :smile:

275 grams, 41 inches long. 10 small 1 large 11 spacers.`





Wow, what a great combination of styles and handwork, and such a beautiful blue.

Does it have a 12kgf stamp? I am assuming it is gold fill over sterling?

Yes it does. 1/20 12K GF.

The piece has lots of material. Link belts always seem a little harder to sell then when they are on leather. This reminds me of something from the 1980s early 90s. I would imagine seeing something like this belt around $1100 - $1300.

Thanks again Jason! I will sleep well on this buy, even if it sits for a bit. I have never particularly found these wearable, but the ladies sure like them.

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