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Hi there,

I am looking for the origins of this belt buckle. It is signed Jack H Landes. Here are some photos.



We are looking for information on this bracelet.


Can you help me identify the maker of these earrings? It looks like Mitchell or Michael Sockyma. Thank you.

I H stands for Indian Handmade. It’s an old Harvey era souvenir cuff.

Bought an unusual double ring in Yucca Valley, CA. New to Native American jewelry and trying to learn as much as possible in regards to authentic and “fake” pieces. This ring has what looks like EE NN inscribed inside. Any thoughts?

About ten years ago, I bought a big silver necklace in Gallup.Its like three demensional conchas strung on chain. The makers mark says D. John, or Gohn (?) Sterling. The letter ‘J’ or ‘G’ is highly stylized, so Im guessing 'John" because its a common name.
The cones are pretty- slightly turned and closed at both ends. Possibly not hollow, they feel heavy. I got this at a pawn shop, but it seemed newly made. I think I got a really good deal, but Im thinking of selling it, so I need to know who made it. It could be an anglo, but I have no way of knowing.

Hello, can you share a picture of the necklace and hallmark. John is a very common Navajo last name. Thank you

Hello, I bought this bracelet in a National Park Gift Store (Possible Brice or Zion) in about 2010. It is inset turquoise and silver. On the back of one of the links is a scratched ccHAJ and some other unreadable faint letters. I would be very interested in learning if this is a Zuni design, and the possible meaning of the identification marks. It is such a pretty piece. Thanks for your help.

This is Zuni. Can you send a picture of those marks, thanks.

Hello, I received these two items and three more from my dad recently, I do not know anything about these items. The winged figure is about 7 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches in the wings. The eagle is 2 1/2 inches H and W. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

I’m looking for some info on my jewelry?? It’s from Albuquerque,NM but don’t know anything about it’s maker… please help!!

I believe it is a first name, Esther. This is very similar to the work of Esther Spencer, who has a hallmark E. Spencer. If she had forgotten to use her hallmark, or didn’t have a hallmark at the time this was made this would be a way to sign the piece. You might google her work and see if you believe it to be the same craftsmanship.

I also was told it might be Esther Wood, Navajo, & it’s Kingman turqouise. Found a similar looking necklace but she signed her full name. Do they sometimes just sign thier first name???

Anbody ID I know it was made in 1960’s emphasized text

Looking for the maker of this bracelet or any info someone might have!

Looking for artist info for this bracelet purchase at Red Earth in 2016.

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I believe this is Lyle Sectaro, you might do some research with that name. Great looking bracelet.

I am trying to determine the maker of this band.