Adean Blue Turquoise

What is Andean Blue Turquoise? Is it a fake?

I thought it was mined in Chile.


I wasn’t familiar with Andean Blue Turquoise. Did a google search and saw the examples, a lot of it on home shopping network. From the image it looks like compressed stone. Pieces of turquoise that have been compressed together. You see this stone sell here in Gallup at some of the local supply stores.

I did a search also and it is said to be mined in Chili. My Mom purchased a necklace on a home shopping network, so I was curious for her.

Thank you

It sounds like Adean turquoise is mined in chile, but the turquoise is then compressed into the composite stone.

I found this pic of Adean turquoise on google, and you can faintly see how each little piece of turquoise is pressed in the stone, like a little mosaic. So yes, Adean turquoise contains genuine turquoise, but has been mixed with epoxy resin, dyes, etc.

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