Ahasteen Bracelet

I recently purchased this wonderful bracelet from a member here. It will be my go to bracelet for special events.

Would like to find out everything I can about the artist and bracelet.
It is marked Ahasteen, attributed to Tom. I did some research and discovered that Brothers, Julies and Tom share this Hallmark. Do not know for sure, but several sellers of their items indicated this.
The earliest item I found marked Ahasteen, was attributed to the 1950’s.
I was able to find a 2019 video of Tom making a bracelet. Nothing else about Tom or Julies, other than more recent items of theirs for sale.
They both have a unique style. Some stones, especially Turquoise are set very high.

Here is the bracelet I purchased. It weighs 3.4 oz.

Several other pieces I saw have what appears to be the same stylized Eagle on them. Is this an Eagle for sure? If not, what is it?

Here is a similar bracelet on Ebay, attributed to Julies, of a very similar style.

Thank you for any information.


I don’t know much more than what you’ve told us, but that’s sure a pretty bracelet! :wink:

Yes it is. I love to know the history around my jewelry. Who made them, age, stones, etc.


Congrats on your bracelet. The image is of a Peyote (also called Water) Bird, not an eagle. Peyote Bird is associated with the Native American Church. The narrow, pointy upward-facing head is characteristic of this bird type.

Lots of examples online of Peyote Bird; here’s just one:

Thanks for the info.