Alberto Contreras Brooch and Earring set BISBEE!

I just wanted to share this set that I recently got in. I was so curious about the age and Turquoise type that I contacted the Alberto Contreras & Sons Gallery in Tucson. His son Eugene Michael responded to my email:
"Hi Chris.My father made these pieces, probably in the late 1950’s.
His name was Alberto Contreras. Mexican American, not Navajo.
He was taught to make jewelry by Frank Patania, Sr.
Both Frank Patania and my father, Alberto Contreras, Sr’s. jewelry is highly collectible.
The turquoise in these pieces looks like high-grade Bisbee turquoise. Bisbee turquoise is one of the most highly sought turquoises, because of it’s rarity and quality. This jewelry style is from Patania. It is classified as post-modernist.

Thank you,
E. M. Contreras
Contreras Gallery and Jewelry"

I feel so lucky to just hold these!


Awesome pieces. Very unique.


What a nice find! Congratulations on your beautiful Bisbee set!

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Beautiful brooch and earrings, and to find the set! So often sets get broken up. I love the way the end of the leaf on the brooch curls up.

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These are just stunning - wow, oh WOW!! :heart_eyes:

Drooling! Will it go up for sale on your Etsy site?

I have listed it, probably far too low of a price! But I only markup 100% for my shop. Best way to stay competitive on Etsy. Enjoy!

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