Am I really lucky or have I been scammed?

Hi, I really appreciate any help I can get here, someone sold me this chunk of what I assume is turquoise. I’ve done several tests I read about online and they seem to indicate real undyed stone. Searing needle did not penetrate, it’s way harder than my fingernail scratching it, wood or aluminum but a point of obsidian did scratch it, and acetone didn’t have any effect either. It does very slightly stick to the tongue. It weighs 5.6 oz or 793 carats if that helps. I got such a good deal on it I figured it was worth the gamble. The person did not have any idea as to it’s origins as it was an estate find.

Definitely makes you think it is real if it is an estate sale and has some age, however…


That’s crazy how real it looks (the for sure fake one). And I don’t get the whole wet lip /tongue test thing. I’ve tried that on stabilized and natural turquoise and it seems exactly the same to me. :person_shrugging:

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Wouldn’t say it isn’t dyed. Whatever it is has a black chemical wash on it, so stop licking it young lady!


“Ith thith sthabilized or ithit natural…”

Sorry I couldn’t help myself…:laughing::laughing:


I took some turquoise to a GIA person for testing, in addition to their knowledge/experience, they used some electronic tool to determine if the turquoise reacted to a magnet . No licking.


Disappointed maybe, but not scammed, because it wasn’t misrepresented to you.


She said, tongue out of cheek… :crazy_face:

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The wet tongue thing is used to determine if something is bone……how it slipped over to id ing turquoise is a mystery.

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