Am I the only one?

Am I the only one experiencing a spam pop-up type of screen upon entering the turquoise people homepage? Instead, I have to bypass the homepage and come straight to the forums. Is it just me? Is it my phone only?

I have the forum bookmarked so seldom see the home page.

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I have a screen showing someone wearing jewelry and some cactus on the first page (would not call it spam). There is a button (bar, block) to click to get to the forum. But no ads.

I haven’t noticed anything, apart from it can be quite slow to load up when you tap on the turquoise icon but other than that it’s fine when I get on the site.

Hi there @Acutiestill, I have experienced the same thing on my OS laptop. I click on Turquoise People link via google; and Boom! A huge blinking colorful ad saying I am “the 1000th visitor,” I won something pops up… . I also click the link below and it leads me to the forum. :confused:
I’d like to know if this nuisance is a paying advertiser or if its dangerous…?

I think one of the reasons we all like this site is because it’s free of advertising. Even Perry Null except for the opening screen where it ask if you want “Forum or Auction”. I would definitely NOT click on the flashing banner, I’m sure you will get a virus of some sort.

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Yes! Same thing. I hope I don’t have spyware on my phone. I don’t click anything when it pops up. I immediately close my browser

I’ve seen that on other sites but not here.