Amber Cuff

I have an 8 inch wrist size and rarely come across cuffs that will fit me. I got this one at auction with 3 missing Turquoise cabs. I decided to try my hand at replacing them with amber. I did these all out of one piece of amber that I used a dremel to cut down, and shape. Hand polished them with emery cloths. I am very pleased with the results and wanted to share it with everyone.


This turned out really nice. Love the Amber you have chosen. Thanks for sharing.

Nice job with the amber; you’ve given this bracelet new life. Enjoying one’s own handiwork is a nice thing.

that is nice, amber always looks great in Navajo silver.

I share your pain with wrist size as I am an 8.5 + and prefer wide cuffs. Your amber is very nicely done. I’m particularly impressed that you did it with basic hobby tools. Are you ready to start doing turquoise cabs?

Looks really nice! I have the opposite problem with a 5-1/2 wrist…nice when something happens to finally fit.

You should check out my etsy shop then! I seem to be lucky when it comes to small bracelets. Estimateprofit on Etsy. message me if you find something I always have a discount for members of this forum!


Just beautiful. I love amber :smiley: Looks awesome set that way.

Great job, love the amber!