An antique store find of unknown material

A few years ago, my husband discover this piece at a McPherson Kansas antique store.We believe it is Mexican silver but do not know the stone or maker. Any thoughts? Thank you!


I would call both these pieces old Native American. Both are very nice. I especially like the bracelet. It’s interesting the turquoise looks like the same kind in necklace and bracelet. It could help get a better look at the stones with pictures taken outside in the sunlight.
Is there a maker’s mark on the cuff?


The cuff, @raysha, has it’s own tale. The mark identified the artist and while we were at Indian Market in August, 2023, we met Mr. Mark Antia, Apache, where he confirmed that the cuff was his work. The turquoise is King’s Manassa Colorado.

There is marks on the collar. I will work on additional pics of the stones and marks in better light.


Hello @raysha. I had a chance to wear the necklace today. Here are brighter shots.The shadow on the beads is the photographer.
Hope it helps!

Sunlight 2


Gorgeous stones! From what I can make out, these look like King’s Manassa Turquoise. The marks on the backside could be difficult to identify. This looks Navajo workmanship.

Thank you for your response! I admit I do love to wear it.

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nothing found in Hougarts


Thanks for looking. It is a mystery!

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