Anna Begay?

Hi friends!

I just won this 1980’s sleeping beauty ring on auction, stamped by Navajo artist Anna Begay. Considering that the Begay family is quite large—anyone have any info to share on this silversmith?

Is this the same person?

The jewelry and hallmarks look similar.

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I think fernwood might be right. I saw a ring on the site from the link that looks a lot like what you just purchased.

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That is a different Hallmark. Found this on Anna Begay (but no pics of her jewelry here).

I can look more later.

This seems to be the closest description so far! There’s a ton of Anna Begay jewelry available—mostly from the 80’s, but it all appears to be native & genuine.

I’ll continue to dig, too!


book quoted from: gregory schaaf american indian jewelry 2003 pg 72

I found a piece of jewelry attributed to a Ruth Ann Begay that has an A above and off to left of a B.
It was almost identicle to the one in this thread.

Ruth Ann Begay often makes several pieces of the same or very similar jewelry.

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