Another Hallmark ID Please

I’ve really enjoyed coming to this site and reading all about NA silver, turquoise jewelry. Thanks so much for all of the great information.

I have another piece of jewelry, a pendant, that I can’t find any info on the mark. I hope that someone can help. This piece is about 3 inches long, there is no silver mark on it, but there is a maker’s hallmark that has an 8, and a curved bar with a small circle through it. I don’t know the age, but it belonged to someone that died in the 1960s, so it would have to be a bit older than that.



Don’t find an exact match, closes thing is a George Billie. Couldn’t find anything on a quick google search to match.

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Lovely! Maybe nebula stone?

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Thanks everyone.

I thought that the “8” might mean that it is from the #8 mine in Nevada. I’m just guessing.

My thought is that the 8 is part of the hallmark. The stone doesn’t look typical for #8 to me. It’s a cool stone though.


I see the 8 as two eyes over an open mouth.

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Ahhh…interesting! I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks