Another Mystery Cuff

Beautiful inlay cuff with Lapis and Angelskin Coral - 1980’s - Stamped with TS- inlay work is smooth as silk - …Not sure which TS this could be.

I did not get a picture, might try reattaching photo or link

Try this link, having trouble attaching photos. Thanks!!

do you have a picture of the hallmark?

Here is a link still can’t post photos even when small files, thanks so much!!

I don’t know this hallmark and can’t find anything in my resources. The style is definitely what a couple of shops do here in Gallup, so it could possibly be a shop worker who no one knows because he works for the company not individually. Also, the materials are good, both lapis and pink coral are expensive, another thing is the number of cuts, shop inlayers get paid by the cut, all indications this is a shop piece.

Thanks, It is extremely beautiful, the lapis is stunning, deep blue with gold flecks, want to trade it or sell it!!!

Indigenous- you want to sell or trade it? Hmmmm we may need to talk. It is lovely and it matches the salmon pink coral necklace I am have re strung at the moment.

A little off topic: I only have one inlay bracelet. I have worried a bit about the durability of inlay as a bracelet and the chances of damage from wearing it.

Inlay if done well can last years, look at some of the incredible vintage Zuni pieces out there. This type of inlay cuff can not be sized and of course you don’t want to wear an inlay doing bang it up activities. Good inlay will last and do fine with wear and good care. This piece is done extremely well with high quality materials - it has never been worn, got it from retiring dealer in the 90’s the retail tag on it then was $1400 - Do you have a trade or we can haggle…I’m looking for a high end - collector quality pre-1960 Squash with green turquoise - not inlay - as well as large stone untreated turquoise cuffs, vintage or new vintage style - morenci earrings with noticeable pyrite matrix and inclusions in deeper blues…

Well I know I have one of the three you mentioned, but I am pretty attached to that necklace, I think I have morenci earrings, but they are cluster earrings done with spiny oyster. I looked at what I have in cuffs and I don’t have anything that would equal the bracelet in large stones. I am headed north (I live in Tucson) with some jewelry hound friends so maybe I will see something, you never know. If we can talk my friend’s husband into it, we want to hop over to NM to visit Perry Null. I see your photos connect with Facebook. Would you mind if I send you a contact there?

Sure let’s stay in touch, trying to get out there this winter!! Love to trade, haggle, buy and sell…open to it all.