Another Ogg's Hogan purchase

I bought this little ring at Ogg’s Hogan in '15 around New Year’s. We had been in southern AZ for the week, and I didn’t think I would make it back up to Prescott, and had pretty much spent my budget. But on our last day we were able to get there. So I couldn’t purchase anything large, but found this little guy in a basket on one of the counters.

I love how the tiny stones surround the coral (I’m assuming) branch.

For those who haven’t been able to visit this shop, here are some pics (not mine) to make you drool…


Been there. One of the best!


I believe quite a few people on here have been. Hopefully we can encourage others to visit! I was checking again online to make sure his shop was still open since so many that I love have shut down. I’ve gotta get out there again!

Funny thing is I bought a couple items from the Hopi House at GC in '93 and '94, and according to a video about Ogg’s, he said he was the buyer there till '98. So I guess I was predisposed to shop at Ogg’s Hogan :laughing:


:star_struck:Not only do I love this ring, it gives me an idea to find a heart-shaped special ring of my own (since my dream heart ring by HH Begay isn’t available). Yours is sweet and unique. Thanks for sharing!


I remember the ring you wanted! It was gorgeous. I was talking to my Phoenix buddy about visiting her next year, and I started thinking about Ogg’s. I’m so paranoid that shops I love are going to close.

I don’t wear this ring a lot, because the band is kind of thin and I don’t want it to bend. Seems like when I wear rings on my right hand in particular, bands flatten if they’re not thick.

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Beautiful ring. I like the heart design.
Something about the combo of turquoise and coral holds a special place in my heart.

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This is beautiful. You know I love hearts :grinning: Too bad the band is thin.

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Another reason I love Ogg’s is you can find beautiful older pieces at pretty amazing prices. He told me he doesn’t raise the price on items even if he’s had them awhile.